Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Anniversary Blues

After a looooonnnnggggg year of storm (yup! last year was the worst one for us), finally, Honey and I had our 2nd year anniversary last Saturday (May 5). As expected, we did not have the chance to celebrate it together (as usual, work and school prio).

My original plan was to send him a scrapbook, unfortumately, I didnt have the time to do it though I already thought of the concept and even bought the materials as early as April. Since time is running short I need to think of plan B.

May 1. I texted Erol (Hon's bestfriend) to help me with my surprise plan, however, due to "some" reasons which I don't know, I never get a reply from him(hmmm something fishy in here). On May 3, I had a chat with Madir Leonor if she can help me with the stuff. She said "akong bahala dyan!", so I send the money through Gcash as well as the delivery address and message. Madir you're my angel!!!!

On friday night (May 4), Annie texted me that Niña (Hon's older sis) will be coming along with her. Yup! we planned to watch spiderman 3 on Saturday with my brother Mervin. Niña and Annie? Hmmmm, this will be a perfect time for bonding heheheheh!!!!

May 5, 12:00 am, Hon texted me with "Happy Anniversary Honey ko, I love you so much!", and I replied hon. After 5 mins my alarm rang with a message "Jessie, 2". I kissed Justin and greet happy birthday and went back to sleep.

May 5, 10 am, Hon texted me with "Nareceive ko na yun flowers! Ang ganda!!! Mwah". Hehehehe, that was my surprise. Courtesy of Madir Leonor, we sent Hon a dozen of white roses with blue balloons. Luckily, antipaktita wasn't in the office that time, for sure, she'll gonna get the flowers.. Ooopsss sorry antipaktita those flowers are for Mama myr... not for you... (shrug)

May 5, 4pm, I met up with Niña and Annie (Hon's sisters) at Glorietta 4. Ooooooh! super dami tao, we manage to buy tickets for 6pm show. Since it's still 5pm, we went to some appliance and furniture centers.

The movie was ok, except that it's konting nakakabitin sa ending (hey what do you expect in a film having 3 plots! Aside from the fact that its the end of the Spiderman trilogy). After watching, we went to Food Choices and ate at Dencio's.

The following day, I bought my MP4 player. That was Hon's gift for me hehehehehe.... no element of surprise huh!!! In fairness to hon, I really want an MP4 player, unfortunately, MP4s in Legazpi are quite expensive and konti lang ang choices. So we decided na dito na lang sa Manila bumili since its cheaper and maraming choices...Any way.. bottomline is its still a gift from my Honey and I love it!!!

Well... what do I expect for our 3rd year? Hmmm... I wish, no more problems that will force us decide on something that we'll regret forever.....

As of now, Im already collating infos for our "great day", knowing me na gusto organized lahat, I really want to plan as early as possible para magkasya din sa budget and walang maiwan na small details.

And of course... save save save... :)

Happy Anniversary Honey. I love you so much!!

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