Sunday, March 09, 2008

Unfair reason?

Katatapos ko lang manood ng "The Heartbreak Kid", imbes na matuwa ako. asar na asar ako sa character ni Ben Stiller...

Bigyan ko lang kayo ng konting summary ng movie (from wikipedia:

Eddie (Ben Stiller), the owner of a sports shop, is single and indecisive about starting a relationship. While walking down the street he witnesses a purse snatcher victimizing Lila (Malin Ã…kerman). After failing to retrieve the purse, they exchange pleasantries and eventually date. They quickly become serious, as they seem perfect for each other. Pushed by the urging of his father (Jerry Stiller) and best friend (Rob Corddry), Eddie proposes to Lila and they are married. However, during their honeymoon in Mexico Eddie begins to question his decision, as it becomes increasingly apparent how mismatched the couple is: while driving down to Mexico, Lila continuously sings songs while listening to a blasting radio, much to the irritation of Eddie. When he asks her to stop, she abruptly suggests that they "fuck". In the scene that follows, Lila and Eddy have sex so violently it actually causes Eddy physical pain. Then the following morning she insists they hold hands during breakfast. And so on and so forth. After suntanning with only "baby oil" (ignoring Eddie's advice to wear sunscreen) Lila is severely burned and has to stay in the hotel room for several days. Eddie has the opportunity to spend some time alone and reflect on the marriage while Lila is confined to the room.

As he realizes the mistake he has made, Eddie meets Miranda (Michelle Monaghan), another vacationer, at a bar. It's almost immediately obvious that Eddie and Miranda are a perfect match. With Lila in the room, Eddie devotes large amounts of his honeymoon time to Miranda. When Lila confronts Eddie about his absences he makes up a story about a potentially huge business investor he is trying to butter up. Faced with the overwhelming schism between Lila and him, and the obviously perfect match between Miranda and him, Eddie decides to break up with Lila. In the chaos surrounding his breakup with Lila, the entire situation becomes apparent to both her and Miranda. Both abandon him, and his passport is destroyed in the mayhem.

Without a passport, Eddie is forced to cross the U.S. border illegally. In several scenes, Eddie is caught by border patrol officers while others escape by the hundreds. After an extensive effort to get into the country he goes to Oxford, MS and finds Miranda. He sneaks into her house late at night and offers her an ultimatum: marry him, or turn down true love. Unfortunately, she has since married, and he is rejected.

A year and a half later, Eddie has moved to Mexico. Miranda comes down on vacation, informing him that she made a mistake and wants to be with him. It is then revealed that Eddie has a new wife, Consuela (Eva Longoria), and he is once again thrust into the situation he was previously in.

Ok sabihin na natin medyo may diperensya ang character ni Lila, pero it doens't mean na meron reason si Eddie na maghanap ng iba... on the time of their honeymoon? And gosh, Eddie had known Lila for 6 weeks yet madami pa rin syang nadiscover, and how about Miranda? Only for a week?? How sure si Eddie na true love nya si Miranda? How sure si Eddie na magiging maganda ang pagsasama nila? How sure si Eddie na perfect ang qualities ni Miranda?

Isa pang napansin ko sa character ni Eddie, umabot sya ng 40 years old because takot sya sa commitment, every girl na naging kanya is may reklamo sya. After Lila, nagkaron ulit sya ng new found wife na si Eva, and he's confused na naman dahil bumabalik si Miranda? Hindi kaya si Eddie ang may diperensa at hindi si Lila????

Isa pang kinaiinisan ko.... while nakakulong si Lila sa room nya dahil sa sunburn, ang daming rason ni Eddie, na kesyo may nagbar sya kesyo may client.. which is hindi naman totoo dahil nakikipagkita lang naman sya kay Miranda, GRRRRRRR!!!!!

Hindi lang ito ang movie na asar na asar ako.. another one is "My Super Ex-Girlfriend". If I remember correctly, kaya inayawan ni Luke Wilson ang character ni Uma Thurman dahil hindi sya makacope up sa super power abilities ni Uma which is alibi lang naman dahil ang totoo is in love na sya sa character ni Anna Faris. E bakit nung naging superwoman na rin si Anna Faris hindi yon naging issue kay Luke Wilson... tama ba yon?????????????

Bottomline: Based sa mga movie na napanood ko... Men tend to make issues kapag ayaw na nila sa isang babae, kesyo nagiging control freak na, makulit, possesive, nagger etc etc yet hindi naman talaga yon ang totoo issue, they just want their way out to find another woman. If they really love the woman di ba gagawin nila ang lahat para magkaayos? Hindi yun magpapalit sila ng babae and the same problem will happen over and over again.

At saka if they do not love the woman anymore, just say it, hindi yun isisisi nila sa babae at heto naman babae magiging masama ang loob dahil sya ang may kasalanan ng lahat.... Men!!!!!!!! GRRRRR!

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