Friday, August 08, 2008

Cebu Pacific, Its time Your Money Flies!

Last April, my friend requested me if I could use my credit card to purchase her ticket, so on April 14, 2008, i bought an online round-trip ticket to manila-singapore. However, much with my carelessness, I mistakenly inputed her last name on the first name field without checking it had it confirmed. The following day, I called the customer service hotline and I was infomed that its imposible to change the name so she advised to cancel the ticket instead, I was also told that I can get the refund in 4-6 weeks. On April 16, I cancelled the ticket and apply for a new one. On last week of May, my friend informed me that she needs to cancel the flight, so I had it cancelled through Cebu Pacific's website.

After six weeks, I was surprised to see that the refund was not reflected in my credit card statement.

I called the customer service hotline... after 45 minutes of listening to Cebu Pacific's jingle and recorded messages, finally I heared a live human voice (HORAY!).

I followed up on the refund's and found out that my refund request has not yet been attended to. After 6 weeks???? The CS told me that she already forwarded the request to their accounting department so I need to wait for it na lang. Still hoping that they would process my refund... I just said ok ang hung up.

After a month... there's still no refund reflected in my credit card statement. So I called Cebu Pacific again. The second time I followed up on the refund, And to my surprise, at the beginning of the call, the rep was clueless about my request and told me that they do not have those transaction numbers, losing my patience and with a high pitched voice, I said, I have a record of those transactions SO CAN YOU PLEASE CHECK?!!!! After 15 minutes, she found my transaction numbers and to my dismay, i was given the SAME RESPONSE. There was no progress at all, the account is still on que. She tried to calm me down by giving me the number to their accounting department, i took it down and called the number right after. GUESS WHAT. No one answers the phone! I gave up.

After four months, still no refund reflected in my credit card statement, I am getting the same response from their customer service and the sad part is... the credit card company is charging me interests for FOUR MONTHS NOW!!!!

So.. those who are planning to cancel their cebu pacific tickets.... think think think!!


Its part of their motto, "It's time everyone flies... if you wont be able to fly, they'll still let your money fly"!!!

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