Wednesday, May 04, 2016

One Year

It's been a year but I can still clearly remember when I've heard the news about you. Everything went in a flashback, the joy, the laughter, the tears, the hurt, the pain, the promises, the vows, the love -- all the memories came back. I was deeply in shock. I really wanted to go home and see you one last time, but for some reasons, I decided not to. I chose to weep, and mourn in silence. I'm glad that some of our friends reached out even if I'm far away and gave their best to comfort me.
Now, I'm still thinking of all the memories, memories that let me love unconditionally, memories that made me stronger, value life more and most importantly, taught me how to forgive.
Thank you for visiting in my dreams on those times when I'm down. Thank you for reminding me you are still there.
To the Man I once shared my life with, you'll always be a part of me...I'll treasure you in my life forever....Jess...

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