Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'm tagged din!!!!!

Hah!!! I usually do this in Friendster only, unfortunately, shadow tagged me (grrrr), so i'm forced to fill this up... grabe ha.. it really took my time...

My Favorite...

1. color: Blue
2. flower: roses
3. perfume: Polo Sport Women
4. author:
5. book: I kissed dating goodbye
6. condiment: ketchup
7. shoes: rusty lopez
8. local channel: kapuso
9. beauty product: lip gloss
10. magazine: Cosmopolitan and FHM (hehehehe)
11. cookie: Oreo
12. ice-cream: Coffee crumble
13. chocolate: Dark Chocolates
14. junk food: Nachos
15. restaurant: Alibar.. heheheheh (its a local resto here in Albay)
16. month/s: September
17. number: seven
18. day: Sunday
19. fast food joint: kfc, mcdonald's
20. t.v.show: Quiz Show, Girls and Guys, The 5th Wheel, Saturday Night Live
21. car: Gusto kong matutong magdrive....
22. comedian: Jim Carrey
23. subject: Math and Physics
24. radio station: 97.1 OK FM
25. occasion: birthday
26. cartoon character: Tazmania
27. fashion designer:
28. clothing store: UK store and Tiangge
29. pet: dog
30. athlete: not a sportsminded gal
31. sport: i only play badminton
32. sports theme: ngek uli
33. jeans: jag, herbench
34. season: we only have 2 seasons here ryt? wet and dry.... Dry...
35.hobby/ies: daydream, singing, playing guitar
36.accessory: anything kikay
37.fruit: hilaw na mangga na me bagoong...
38.vacation spot: there's an island in Matnog called Subic.. yun... I wanna go to Davao!!!!
39.drinK: tea, tea, tea...
40.food: sweets
41.hang-out: beach, bar, and videoke booth sa LCC hahahaha
42.dessert: leche flan
43.movie: Bridges of Madison County, My Bestfriend's Wedding, My Sassy Girl
44.cable channel: Arirang!!!
45. Website: My blogsite? hahahaha
46.toothpaste: Happee hehehehe, pinoy ako
47.cake: mocha
48.expression: Actually....
49.attire: Shirts and kikay outfits
50.place: hhmmmm... beach?

And who told you that i'm not gonna pass this survey.... hmmmmm..... Infinity, you're next!...


Byru said...

So you want to go to Davao? Hehehe yes you can, basta if you already there, don't be shy to contact me. Hehehe, i'll be your tourist guide. Davao is one of the place i love most, sobrang ganda like dun sa jack's ridge,japanese tunnel, malagos garden, philippine eagle and a lot more. . .

Shane said...

I really love to go to Davao... basta anywhere in Mindanao... actually last year ko pa gusto pumunta..Don't worry Byru will contact you.. once na I know na your contact number hehehehe

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