Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Second Wish

During weekends, I used to read tagalog pocketbooks, siguro nakaka 4 ako in one sitting... mabilis kasi tapusin unlike english novels...

There's a story that caught my attention. This is about a 26-year old girl na nagkaroon na ng 18 bfs but still, she can't find her true love. Since she was already 26 and afraid na maging old maid, she tried looking for some text mates and blind dates. The girl has a guy best friend. This guy was her crying shoulder pag broken hearted sya or kapag unsuccessful ang dates nya.. Eventually, napagod na rin sya kakahanap and started to noticed her best friend which turned out na itong bestfriend nya matagal na rin may gusto sa kanya....To cut the story short, sila ang nagkatuluyan in the end...

Tuwang tuwa ako sa story kasi we are of the same age... di nga lang ako nagkaroon ng sangkatutak na bfs...but I was also looking for my true love. Dahil sa katitingin ko sa malayo, di ko napansin na nasa akin na pala ang hinahanap ko... matagal na... ang taong sinusumbungan ko pag broken hearted ako.. ang taong binabalitaan ko pag masaya ako.. ang taong namimiss ko pag di ko nakakausap... ang kaibigan ko...

My second wish came true....

For All Of My Life

Come and lay here beside me
I'll tell you how I feel
There's a secret inside me
I'm ready to reveal

To have you close, embrace your heart
with my love
over and over
These are things that I promise
my promise to you

For all of my life
you are the one, i will love you faithfully forever
all of my life you are the one
I'll give to you my greatest love
for all of my life.

o yeah...

Let me lay down beside you
There's something you should know
I pray that you decide to
open your heart and let me show

enchanted worlds of fairy tales
a wonderland of love
these are things that I promise
my promise to you

all of my life
with all of my heart
these are things that I promise

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