Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One More Chance

Finally, One More chance is showing na!!! I really wanna see this movie eh.. dahil una love ko si Bea and John Lloyd, wala pa ata akong movie nila na pinalagpas. Second, maganda yun plot ng story, di ko alam kung magiging sila ba or hindi in the end...

Here's the summary I've got from Sureseats

Popoy and Basha have been together all their lives. Their families loved them, they shared friends, they eventually worked in the same firm and their life plans revolved around each other. Everything seems perfect. At least that’s what Popoy thinks. But all the planning and dreaming eventually took a toll on Basha. In their first major fight in over five years, Popoy and Basha begin their heart-rending struggle whether to hold on or to move on.

As for the trailer, click this link:

One More Chance Trailer

how long should you hold on?

how soon should you let go?

How do you move on?

This is a story

about how true love

waits for

holds on

One More Chance...

Hay taray!!!

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